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From online annual report to highly secure compliance portal: our clients need custom-tailored solutions. We have been offering them – for more than 15 years.

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Online reports

Your report is meant to be read. We make it come alive

Business report and quarterly figures, personnel work and corporate responsibility: companies provide information about their economical achievements with meaningful reports. 1000° brings them to the Web.

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Products and solutions for the publishing industry

Almost no other branch of industry has been subject to the digital changes like the publishing industry. Solutions and products for this sector form a crucial part of our work: be it the production of journals, fabricating catalogues or implementing a paywall for your digital subscribers.

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Communication is often polyphonic. We help to conduct all instruments

Communication in the corporate world faces new challenges. More and more channels have to be served faster and faster. Topic°, our solution for strategic communication planning, orchestrates your actions.

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Some printed products are so beautiful – You should be able to find them in the web

Some prefer print, some focus on the web entirely: We reconcile both spheres of publication with our interactive flip-page edelpaper. 

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Sometimes reorganisation is inevitable. We provide transperancy and trust

Restructurings have an unsettling effect – and often take way too long. With ReOrg°, our tool for reorganisation, you are in control of the whole process: fair, transparent and quick.

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