Your All-In-One Package for entering the world of bots

Expand your customer communication to the next level. Integrating bot-solutions into popular messaging services like Whatsapp or Facebook establishes a completely new channel to communicate with customers. We help you plan, implement and run successfull applications with our extensive starter-kit.

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Some printed products are so beautiful – You should be able to find them in the web

Some prefer print, some focus on the web entirely: We reconcile both spheres of publication with our interactive flip-page edelpaper.

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Communication is often polyphonic. We help to conduct all instruments

Communication in the corporate world faces new challenges. More and more channels have to be served faster and faster. Topic°, our solution for strategic communication planning, orchestrates your actions.

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Your report is meant to be read. We make it come alive

Business report and quarterly figures, personnel work and corporate responsibility: companies provide information about their economical achievements with meaningful reports. 1000° brings them to the Web.

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